Elie Saab: Fall Winter 2015/16 Ready-To-Wear

There is nothing whimsical about a dark mysterious forest and the adventures that lie ahead. A head strong woman with the ability to take charge of the challenges before her chooses the untravelled path of the forest and well travelled she is. The venture requires military discipline and structured path forward to survive the dodgy woods. In a very precise manner the Fall Winter 2015/16 collection by Elie Saab depicts and convey this message to its audience – A Walk In The Woods. The set of the runway too had the environment of a dark forest path. From the forest foliage hues to the wild creatures of nature that one encounters in the belly of the jungle, the collection ranges from ash black to accents of peacock blue, pine and moss. The shoulders and silhouettes are very profound and stand out very firm and dominant. Gilded buttons, tweed coats and open toe boots embody the military discipline of the wearer.  Visit the Elie Saab website for more information and images from the collection.

Author: Editorial

Travel and Luxury insider offering insightful perspective and experiences.

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