Luxury Meister has evolved from a niche luxury lifestyle blog – The Lux Insider, which was a collaborative effort by a handful of bloggers sharing their inputs, experiences, personal favorites in the world of luxury lifestyle. In 2018 the blog writes on a new page of its brand new identity with a focus on the real meisters of luxury and their perspective.

Over the last couple of years during the blog’s journey as a platform it has interview Michelin Star Chefs, celebrated bars and their bartenders, celebrity Floral Director and General Managers of leading luxury hotels of the world. Readers can find carefully curated lists on beauty, fashion, gift ideas, holiday hampers and home decor.

Luxury Meister will continue to focus on traditions celebrated to the recent trends and technology captivating the luxury audience. Grown on a collaborative culture Luxury Meister will be open to intrepid and fresh bloggers to share their stories as guest bloggers as per suitability of the blog’s content parameters.

Whether you are brand or a boutique establishment and have a bespoke experience to share with our readers, do connect on Contact

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