Most Desirable Royal Engagement Rings

It is a milestone every woman cherishes and every man aims to summit in the expected manner. The engagement ring has a role grown from a symbol of matrimonial commitment and love to what the precious stones convey to a bride when she looks down at her most cherished trinket. By any definition they should say “he went out of his way to show how much he wants to marry me”, and as childish as it sounds some moments during a marriage do comfort  you when the ring says just that. So we take a look at our favourite engagement rings worn by royalty. Royalty and famous jewellery does influence a brides wish to choose her own ring or offer an idea to the gentlemen of how to choose the perfect ring for his better half. 

Princess of Wales and Duke of Cambridge

Garrard Jewellers have been comissioned by the British royalty since 1840 by Prince Albert. However, since 1981 they would be known by one engagement ring worn by a lady on the cusp of being the most famous royalty after Queen Elizabeth II. Garrard Jewellers presented a selection of rings to Princess Diana as she was the lucky one in royal history to choose her own ring. Her heart set on the oval sapphire with a diamond surround. Little did she know that her choice made this piece of finest jewellery the most desired engagement ring in the world. Her eldest son Prince William made an emotional statement when he proposed his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton with his mother’s ring. People around the world thought of it as the perfect symbol of Princess Diana’s blessings to their union.

Princess Grace of Monaco

Every girl’s dream wedding is that of Princess Grace of Monaco, from the engagement ring to the dress to her tiara even her title doesn’t seem to hurt if they could have it. The actress Grace Kelly’s world turned 360 degrees after she arrived at The Cannes Film Festival in 1955. It seemed like a tryst with destiny to become the Princess of Monaco by next year. Her engagement ring is a tale of romance when Prince Rainer III originally presented her an eternity band of rubies and diamond and later realised that a Hollywood actress of her stature deserved a larger rock. However gracious as her name the princess-to-be was happy with the band. The ring that she finally wore was an emerald-cut diamond of 10.47 carats on a platinum mount with a baguette-cut diamond on each side. Princess Grace refused to take the ring off even during filming her last movie ‘High Society’. Both rings were crafted by Cartier, but the final one is the second most desired engagement symbol in the world.


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II may not have the most desired engagement rock but she has a museum size jewellery box and that is all that matters. That said, she does have a fond story behind her engagement ring. Prince Phillip, the then Prince of Greece and Denmark proposed her with the ring that has a simple 3 carats solitaire diamond flanked by 5 diamonds. These were crafted by Philip Antrobus Ltd. and had diamonds taken from his mother, Princess Alice’s tiara. Prince Phillip is said to have a great influence on the design of the ring.

crown princess and prince of denmark

Crown Prince Fredrick of Denmark proposed his long distance girlfriend Mary with an emerald-cut diamond flanked by emerald-cut rubies on either side which also share the colours of the Danish flag.

princess letizia and Felipe

The eternity diamond and platinum band that Prince Felipe proposed Princess Letizia was crafted by Suarez Jewellers. An elegant, simple yet sparkling statement of love. 

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