Best Signature Hotel Suites In USA

Inspired by its previous celebrated resident or the canvas it provides for renowned artists to paint their labour of love, your stay in a suite that has a character of its own is an experience you might never forget no matter how many miles you’ve flown and hotels you’ve called home. That’s the thing about signature suites you can stop looking at them as if they were a fabulous display of a museum or Harrods window for Christmas. The one’s in the United States have usually been about Hollywood diva or Presidents that have taken fancy to their suites and then there are some hotels who can’t be defeated when it comes to designing a signature suite. Of all the suites in the States these are my favourites, perhaps for its history or design or view. Hope you enjoy glancing through them in this blog post.

St Regis New York

So as it looks pretty obvious from the images and the line up, I love being on fifth avenue’s historic St Regis for its signature suites, and sometimes I am battling in my mind which one I prefer, Dior or Tiffany Suite. Has it happened to you as well? This monument in Manhattan’s high society is second home to many on the Upper East Side and in Hollywood as well. But JJ Astor’s wife started her high society parties here and it was here that the society gathered on their own to meet over luncheon and evening cocktails. The Dior Suite is an astute elegant work of art with blue gray white tones running through the rooms while the purple and salmon hues make their presence known. The decor is inspired by the atelier in Paris and does face the Central Park side of the fifth avenue and provides a spacious dining room to entertain 10 guests with dedicated St Regis butler service.The amenities include a Bentley service appointed with a chauffeur, 24 hour room service and laundry service and everything that befits a stay here. I am an Audrey Hepburn fan like so many other girls out there and needless to say Tiffany Suite will always have a soft spot in my heart. Television hit show Gossip Girls’ 100th episode was filmed here where the central character, Blair Waldorf’s wedding venue was at St Regis. But most importantly if memory serves me right, she (another Audrey Hepburn fan) did love the Tiffany Suite too, infact her bachelorette party had a Tiffany Suite theme. The suite is true to its designer brand’s reputation of being whimsical and fairy tale like with the Tiffany blue making a statement.
Do visit St Regis, New York for further details.

The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco 

Away from the glitz and glamour of South California, the power-driven venture capital and artistic city of San Francisco has one of the best-located signature suites with coveted views no less. The Fairmont Hotel has paid tribute to artist Diplomat Tony Bennett who was a former resident at the hotel. He performed his signature tune in 1961 at this very hotel and since then is known to have surrendered his heart to the city of San Francisco. The suite offers a panoramic view of  the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Coit Tower, it does feel like monitoring the city from your own hub. There is decadence in every corner with a beautiful foyer, a bedroom, living room and dining room large enough to entertain for dinners and lunches up to 20 guests. The hotel is steeped in equal opulence and resembles the spirit of the city’s love of art. Diplomat Tony Bennett’s original painting ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ is available for purchase at the hotel.
For further details please visit The Fairmont San Francisco.

Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

Some like it hot and San Diego’s Victorian beachfront legendary Hotel Del Coronado offers just that. While the gorgeous landmark has enjoyed patronage from movie stars and musicians from 1890s it was one actress that stamped it on the minds of her fans. For those who love movies from the 50s and 60s, you will remember this hotel as stark background in the Marilyn Monroe’s 1958 movie ‘Some Like It Hot’. The movie was filmed here with the tower most famously standing behind Marilyn’s beach scene. She loved the hotel for its hospitality and location, since then the hotel has become a must-visit venue for all the movie fans. The Signature Suite has a very Victorian feel to it with white, gray, lavender and brown married peacefully with each other. There is a large living room with spacious bedroom and a lovely balcony to greet the Pacific ocean while enjoying a golden sunset. The hotel amenities abound with Southern California’s hospitality and spirit for life.
For further details please visit Hotel Del Coronado.

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