Best Beach Resorts – Australia

When you think of a holiday down under, the image in your mind is always that of a beach and all the fun that comes along with it. The ingredients to a perfect beach holiday recipe are ocean blue water with great waves or underwater life, sweeping views of the expansive beach, either tranquility or energy epicenter, great beachwear. While the ingredients could be right in front of you some of them require seasoning of access to unforgettable experiences that can be offered by only the best beach resorts. There is more to a great resort experience than just luxurious accommodation and spa, an avid traveller seeks access to the world’s spectacular environs and what they offer. Here are my top picks for best beach resorts, if you are planning a beach holiday down under. Qualia Great Barrier Reef

The one place I would want to begin or end my Australian holiday would be exploring the most photographed beach in the world – Whitsunday beach and couple it with the Great Barrier Reef. Qualia is beyond convincing when it comes to the perfect spot to nestle for a reef and beach adventure. As you step in, the words ‘tranquil escape’ may keep ringing in your ears and truly the environs outside seem to be welcomed within whilst maintaining the interior quan. Apart from the pavilion accommodations that greet you with Whitsundays sunset from Hamilton Island, the team of concierge has an itinerary drawn out to dive into the adventure. This resort has a bounty of outdoor and indoor experiences but I would go for god of all beaches – Whitehaven Wonder and the snorkeling. Please visit Qualia for further details. One and Only Resorts

The Great Barrier Reef is a vast stretch that won’t satiate your appetite with just one exploration dive, it will certainly leave you wanting more. The One and Only Resorts located in the heart of the reef is yet another abode you’d appreciate for the dream beach holiday. The plush accommodations only accentuate the already beautiful view and surroundings. Take your pick from the buffet of outdoor activities laid out by the concierge. My pick would be the beach water sports, hiking and bush walks and many more dives into the reef. Please visit One and Only Resorts for further details. Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa, Gold Coast

The famous Gold Coast stretch can never be given a miss while in Australia. I would go for a Sheraton of all the resorts available especially Palazzo Versace at stone throw distance, for the sheer accessibility to the beach and it’s a little adventure friendly compared to Versace. That said Sheraton has other advantages too and their paid WiFi in today’s day and age is not one of them. But if you are an SPG member the WiFi is complimentary, besides the redemption of your SPG points, then again it’s not about WiFi when you are on a beach holiday. After a whirlwind of water adventure at Surfer’s paradise and soaking up the sun on Gold Coast main beach there is always some time left for gourmet debauchery and Sheraton is known for the social hour. Please visit Sheraton Mirage Resort for further details. Byron Bay

I have not one but three retreats to recommend at Byron Bay for the summer holiday by the beach. South east of Gold Coast, Byron Bay has an array of outdoors to immerse into as well as a beach for every type of a holiday. There are surf friendly beaches, the cosy seclusions and family friendly ones too. The Byron at Byron Bay is a seclusion unto itself with over 40 acres of tropical habitat. East at Byron and Beach Suites offer luxury apartments that are complete with kitchen, private pool and retreat rooms. However East Byron and Beach Suites are on beachfront while The Byron at Byron Bay is away from the Bay. The one advantage Byron at Byron Bay has over the other two is the concierge activities available are far too many to choose from including, free shuttles to Byron Bay ( thrice a day), walks at Tallow Beach and farmer’s market exploration every thursday with the Chef. While at Byron do visit Wategos beach steeped in  serenity. Saffire Freycinet Resort

On a little island, Tasmania is a peninsula named Freycinet which is home to everything a gourmet traveller and a romantic could ask for. A treasure trove of world’s best oysters, wine and national parks it also has a wineglass bay and the quiet beach by its side. Saffire Freycinet does it all from complimentary tours to vineyards and pelican canoeing to Tasmanian devil conservation. But the reason you should choose Saffire is for its stately signature suites or pavilions and signature experiences like Wineglass Bay by water where you are dropped off at the beach to stroll and soak in the sun or take a french gourmet picnic to the sands and azure waters of South Hazards beach. Please visit Saffire Freycinet for further details.

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