Kids friendly islands for summer holiday

Family travel is the trickiest bit to nail, for the sheer variety of activities and requirements one family of four can demand. A family with kids, is another giant to tackle altogether. Travelling with kids demands much attention to safety, food and water quality, hygiene level on the island and resort, insect bites, outdoor activities that not only engage them but help them explore a new domain or fuel their imagination. If you are planning an island holiday, it doesn’t get much trickier to get it all right and can be unnerving too. The most important features of a kids friendly island are that it is the main island with an airport, the resort should not be exclusively water villas to prevent accidents, there should be kids friendly menu in the island resort as kids are quite finicky, nature hiking and water adventure activities with life guards and security personnel, beach safety guidelines followed, ample of hot and cold water through the day, in-house resort doctor or a hospital close by and no nude beach nearby. If these criteria are to be ticked, it is very clear you must stick to less secluded or more touristy islands. I have enlisted some of the kids friendly islands for a perfect family holiday. Happy and safe travels!

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