Best Signature Hotel Suites in UK

Synonymous to grandeur and steeped in its history there are quite a few suites in the most luxurious hotels in the United Kingdom that have become icons in their own order. Some have a reputation that precedes them, while some were made iconic through spontaneity, nevertheless these suites will have a legacy to leave behind for the future of creativity in the travel industry. Every once in a while I map these signature style statement by hotels and appreciate the splendour that is one of its kind.

The Ritz, London 

Resplendent in the 18th century mansion adjoining The Ritz, The Prince of Wales Suite is a relatively recent addition to the eponymous hotel on Picadilly. During the early years, the hotel received generous patronage from The Prince of Wales who’d go on to be King Edward VIII. Custom designed to be a statesman’s residence the suite overlooks Green Park, one of the capital’s most prestigious locations. Two en suite bedrooms, a private dining room and elegantly appointment drawing room that is followed by a grand entrance hall is dressed with mohair, silk and satin fabrics to live the role of an ode to the Prince. The suite has its own kitchen and the most suitably appointed dedicated butler. The resident enjoys a chauffeur appointment in their very own Rolls Royce for local commute besides the feeling of being in their own stately abode. Please visit The Ritz, London for further details.

The Langham, London

The oldest and most grand hotel in England has been known for its coveted stature in the hospitality world. The Langham offers grandeur in the form of Sterling Suite with bedrooms stretching to six in number in addition to the grand living room, dining room and kitchen. Sterling Suite as opulent and large it may be is very distinctive in its style and decor with muted hues running through the walls and upholstery. You are most celebrated in your home and the suite aims to equate that feeling in its resident. Sterling Suite is by far the largest suite that one can  traverse in hotels as legendary as The Langham with services appointed to befit only the most iconic personalities on earth. Please visit The Langham, London for further details.


51 Buckingham Gate, London 

To the movie mavericks, 51 Buckingham Gate offers a museum like experience with Cinema Suite. Designed by an Indian designer Sabyasachi, every corner of the suite is embellished with cinema history leaving only the experience to the resident. It’s drawing room has walls decorated with most celebrated actors, film makers and a large screen replete with movies from the golden era to the latest. The study is designed on the theme of Vito Corleone’s study in The Godfather while there is the opulent Crimson hued bedroom that seems to be designed for a star from Tinseltown. The vibrancy of cinema’s magic over the years is evident as you walk into the suite and the services abound with the best amenities a luxury hotel would offer. Please visit 51 Buckingham Gate, London for further details.

The Balmoral Hotel 

All the aspirants and wishful alumni of Hogwarts will by far have known about the suite number 552. It’s silent contribution to the narration of the grimmest episode in Harry, Hermione and Ron’s life together is undoubtedly why this suite is the hero among all signature suites. Author J K Rowling narrated in her interviews how she faced trouble writing The Deathly Hallows due to lack of solitude and quiet surrounding, when she finally gave it up to be secluded in a suite at The Balmoral. After days of uninterrupted writing the iconic novel’s concluding chapter narrates Harry Potter as the celebrated victor over evil. “The scar hadn’t ached in 19 years, all was well.”, as she penned this last line J K Rowling sprung with elation and spontaneously scribbled this moment in history on the bust of Hermes – the God of travel. The bust has now become a prized possession for the hotel and is encased in glass. To relive the historic moment the desk where she wrote the eighth part is still present. The suite however has very recently completed its refurbishment and the new images aren’t available to be published hence I leave you with the image of the bust and the hotel. The suite is a part of the five grand suites at The Balmoral hotel and was called the tweed suite back in the day. It is a spacious residence complete with a luxurious array of amenities. Please visit The Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh for further details.


Author: Neha Wasnik

Neha Wasnik has been a blogger since 2009. She began her blogging journey with wellness and online marketing blogs while heading the PR and Marketing of luxury hotels. She has been sharing stories about travel and hospitality since 2015 with various travel websites while working with travel apps as a content marketing professional.

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