New York restaurants featured on silver screen

They are a bunch of friends who meet at this one joint to talk everything under the sun that can affect their lives or share random pearls of wisdom about world events. We probably have seen them far too many times not to take notice of every nook and corner of the restaurant or cafe that hosts these daily hangouts. We’ve known them for decades now, watch them talk about sex and the city or meet with someone they chatted on the internet but then they also could be the posh lot from Upper East Side of New York, who have no worries about the world except their trust funded dysfunctional one. Like many fans out there I too have a thing for visiting the restaurants popularised by TV shows and movies. In this article I enlist a few of the most iconic haunts of our favourite characters.

Where?  59th Street, 40 Central Park South and 1295 Madison Avenue

What’s the scene? Trust Blair Waldorf to put matters into perspective and when she defied Serena’s decision to move to L.A she couldn’t have put it in a better way,”L.A does not have Sarabeth’s”. This iconic restaurant has many locations across Manhattan but the one that the two IT girls of Manhattan’s elite chose for their breakfast was the Central Park South or Upper East Side. Not only is it famous for the breakfast but the Sunday Brunch as well. Try the Eggs Benedict’s variations the next time you are in New York.

Serendipity 3:
Where?  225 East 60th Street Upper East Side

What’s the scene? If you are a love struck person or in love with the idea of love this place has played the title and the premise for the rom-com Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. They meet here for their unexpected and impromptu date and discover what the word really means. Like the characters in the movie you too will love its popular Frozen Hot Chocolate but you need to give their Sundae’s a go and if decadence is the order of the day let nothing stop you from luxuriating in the $1000 sundae. You read it right $1000!

The Loeb Boathouse:
Where?  Central Park Lake on East Drive

What’s the scene?  Every once in a while a movie or TV show filmed in New York will have a setting at The Loeb Boathouse for either a romantic date or a discussion between friends. You’ve seen it in When Harry Met Sally, Gossip Girl and Carrie and Mr Big’s almost reuniting date that never happened. The Loeb has been around to witness Manhattan’s social and cultural history and it is comforting to know that its here to stay for a long time. It is a convenient drive from the Upper East Side on 72nd street or the 79th street transverse .

The Modern at MOMA:
Where?  53rd on Fifth Avenue at The Museum of Modern Art

What’s the scene? If you too suffered temporary hearing impairment caused by Charlotte’s abrupt scream when Carrie announced her engagement to Mr Big, then you’d love to lunch at The Modern where the surprise unfurled. Lucky for you your dining experience won’t leave you  mortified as Carrie was when her friend decided to announce it to the restaurant. This is a chic, sunlight flooding dining venue perfect for girls catching up as much as a lunch date. Do select some desserts that Blair Waldorf goes weak -kneed enough to be bribed by Nate in Gossip Girl. The restaurant’s menu evolves frequently, just as life.

Where? 75 9th Avenue Chelsea Market

What’s the scene? Famed for the rehearsal dinner for Carrie and Mr Big in Sex and The City, this Chelsea Market glamourous haunt has everything going for it – location, space, opulent decor and Asian cuisine. Perfect for dinners and special occasion celebrations you may want to reserve Buddakan for the next family gathering or anniversary party.

Le Cirque:
Where? One Beacon Court 151 E 58th Street

What’s the scene? The eponymous french restaurant – Le Cirque has played stage to the movie Arthur. It’s extravagant circus themed design complements the dramatic culinary act performed on the menu. Sirio Maccioni trumps to win hearts and palates with his legendary hospitality, not just of the movie fans but everyone who has stepped inside the venue.

The Russian Tea Room:
Where? 150 W 57th street

Over the top and ostentatious are words that leap out of your mind as soon as you enter the realm of The Russian Tea Room. Tootsie and Gossip Girl have had scenes shot here and whether or not it has been a film location, you should pay it a visit while in New York. Known for its lavish weddings and special events, it has individual rooms for events and a dining room too. The one with the flashy red booths with gold framework and wall designs is the dining room and this very decor forms its true identity in New York of course besides the menu.

Tom’s Restaurant:
Where? 2880 Broadway

What’s the scene? You cannot be in New York, visit all cafe’s and restaurants featured on screen and not have breakfast at Tom’s!! I mean what would Seinfeld say?? What would Kramer think of you? What would you have to say for yourself for this pure negligence? If you have even remotely taken liking to any of Seinfeld’s episodes you just have to be  at Tom’s preferentially with friends and gossip random nonsense that comes to your mind. Just have an opinion while taking a bit of your fried eggs or pancakes or sipping coffee.

Cafe Lalo:
Where? 201 West 83rd Street off Amsterdam Avenue

What’s the scene? It is the quaint french cafe on the Upper West Side that gives you a feel of Europe in the midst of New York’s whirlwind life. Known for it’s desserts, it shot to fame when Nora Ephron chose it as the first meeting joint for her characters Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox in the movie You’ve Got Mail. You will love Cafe Lalo during the festive season perhaps with all the lights and holiday vibe floating around. Watch the scene from You’ve Got Mail.

Author: Neha Wasnik

Neha Wasnik has been a blogger since 2009. She began her blogging journey with wellness and online marketing blogs while heading the PR and Marketing of luxury hotels. She has been sharing stories about travel and hospitality since 2015 with various travel websites while working with travel apps as a content marketing professional.

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