Chic hotels to stay during New York Fashion Week

Fashion is the embodiment of art, design, poetry and musings and the celebration of an era. The stellar stage of America’s fashion capital – New York hosts its biggest events each year at a venue that encompasses the elements of design and art. This year the city has a new venue for Mercedes – Benz NYFW owing to the prohibition to host the event at Lincoln Center it’s home for five years. This year onward Skylight at Moynihan Station on 33rd Street and Skylight, Washington Street, Soho will be the new venues and the schedule will be split between the two which means the fashion week attendees will have to jostle between 33rd Street to SoHo. SoHo being the righteous home to fashion week what with its reputation of being the creative district of Manhattan. At every corner of the cast-iron and cobble stone neighbourhood is a chic boutique or art gallery that exudes bonhomie among the talented and whimsical. The schedule beginning 14 September 2015 will be live around this time on, as the CFDA would have sorted the shows so as to not have much hassle shuttling between midtown and lower Manhattan. If you are one the attendees at the event I have curated a list of chic design hotels in Soho for you to choose. These hotels were designed to mirror the essence and soul of the artistic spaces in New York. Be it an art gallery hotel or the loft-life boutique hotels, these are portal to your imaginarium.

Crosby Street Hotel:

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From the famed Kit Kemp design hotels this one is the only New York edition replete with their signature touches from the headboard of the bed to the upholstery and the hotel art. The striking resembles of this hotel’s exterior to the industrial landscape across the streets is done with minimalism. The Crosby Bar is open for the best of NYC breakfast to the heady concoctions for an after party. Fashionista’s will love the luxury rooms, Luxury Junior Suite and Meadow Suite for the bright palette and streaming daylight within the rooms. For further details please visit the Crosby Street Hotel.

The James New York:

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Conceived as an art and design boutique hotel, The James is the best known homage to its neighbourhood. With its display of international and local artists and their designs of its own architecture this hotel has one of the city’s bespoke cultural and creative design. It has not one but three art programs ranging from the public art of sixth avenue facade installation by Paul Walkner to the repository of artists showcasing their work from arrival to the rooms infusing every brick and iron of the building with SoHo’s vibrancy. The rooms have a loft / studio like look and structure while there is a penthouse suite designed to immerse the guests in Lower Manhattan’s local lifestyle. The James is known for its rooftop lounge as much as its award winning David Burke Kitchen and Garden. After a draining day at NYFW you deserve that elixir of urban life. For further details please visit The James, New York.

Sixty Soho

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Retro meets today’s bohemia chic is the running theme of Sixty Soho. At a glance it will hold you in rapt attention to its bold, passionate and inspiring take on the neighbourhood. It is a rule of the land that every hotel in SoHo does resemble the district’s architecture, this one hotel however has given an artist’s impression of what SoHo would mean to him and if you grasp the design and style it will hold a different interpretation to you as well. To me it reminds me of the 60s energy of rebel and a path less treaded for those who are distinctive from the rest. Floor to ceiling windows and cast iron stairs are an emblem of the neighbourhood giving that warehouse effect to the abode. The book shelves, desks, lights and wall art are all a part of this painting you will be calling your home for the span of the event. There is a special two floors loft suite in addition to the deluxe rooms well appointed for the sauve lot.

For the after party look no further than coming back to your pad and unwinding the day with A60 – the rooftop lounge and The Gordon Bar with their reinvention of the best cocktails as well the Southern Italian restaurant – Sessanta offering a take of Italy’s coastal food. For further details please visit Sixty SoHo.

Soho Grand Hotel:

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Unrivaled in luxury, design and history, SoHo Grand Hotel has been the pioneer of this neighbourhood’s chic hotel trend. The design travels from the 1890s of New York to the retro 70s seamlessly in forms of its furniture, lights and drapes. The main attraction being the cast iron staircase of the Grand Staircase. Turquoise chairs in the Salon, green walls with peacocks embellishing the bar at the Club Room playfully dance around drama and whimsical dream teasing your sight. The rooms too extend the painting of the hotel’s canvas to give an intimate and understated feel with the best comfort and amenities. For further details please visit SoHo Grand Hotel.

The Broome Hotel:

photo10 photo06 Broome Hotel Soho

Another addition to the eclectic collection of SoHo’s boutique hotels is The Broome. The patio is romantic reminder that the city can be a quite escape whilst the bustling traffic passes you by or the time deprived day jolt’s you off your dreams. It has a very European inspired design to it’s exterior and guest areas while the rooms are simple, daylight lit and cosy. For further details please visit The Broome


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