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Finally, the frigid air is giving away to the bloom of Spring and that is a relief for the lovely tresses too. Our hair go through the harsh temperatures of winter and the cold air saps the moisture and strength leaving it brittle, limp and dull. When transitioning to a pleasant temperature filled with moisture and humidity (depending on your location on the planet) you need to switch over to more gentle and lighter hair care treatment and products. We have selected a list of products suitable for a gentle conditioning and more cleansing. We have enlisted some of the best hair masks and styling serum as well. Please do take these recommendations if they suit your requirements and hair condition and not necessarily as ‘one-size-fits-all’.

Scalp & Hair Masks

No matter how great the shampoo and conditioners are a good hair care treatment is never complete without a good hair mask, oil or serum. The spring summer season gets warmer by the day and has the sun being harsher to the moisturised hair. A good hair mask or serum or oil ensures that after a day out in the sun doesn’t take away the moisture and remains frizz free. Some of the hair treatments for nourishing and protection from heat and drying treatments are Ouai Treatment Mask and Hair Oil. The healing mask is restorative for hair strands leaving them moisturised and soft. You could use this intense moisture treatment mask right after winter to restore your hair health within days. Its Artichoke leaf extract seals the cuticle and protects hair from oxidative degradation caused due to UV rays. The hair oil is also a frizz -free treatment making it a versatile hair treatment. It not only smoothens hair but also seals split ends and gives it a moisturised silk like finish. Then there is Verb Hydrating Mask and Alterna Haircare Caviar 10-in-1 CC Cream as well as StriVectin’s Hair Restore Mask. While the Verb Hydrating Mask has glycerin that binds the hair with moisture and smoothes its texture, Alterna is a leave in hair mask that nourishes from deep within. It has antioxidants that protect from UV damage as well as moisture and create softness to prevent frizz. StriVectin on the other hand has patented NIA-114 and Fribramend Ceramide Complex which brings about the natural cell cohesion of the cuticle and hair strands improving its strength. It works like a charm on damaged and thinning hair volume.

Shampoo & Conditioning

Considering you have supplemented your hair to ample moisture during the winter, your hair needs to move away from the cold climate to a gentle warmer temperature. Hair loss may occur during the switch in climate and the shampoo and conditioner should ensure your hair strength improves to counter this effect. Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti aging and Body building shampoo as well as their conditioner have a secret molecule called Marine Plumping Complex with Omega 3 fatty acids and sea silk to improve the volume and strength of the hair. It is gentle on the scalp providing cleansing and nourishment of the strands to reduce breakage. Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day is a popular choice for a gentle shampoo which has the patented molecule from MIT – OFPMA that helps add strength and volume to your hair without causing any damage otherwise done by Silicone shampoos. The shampoo though sulfate and parabens free does have good lathering and cleanses hair gently yet protects the hair keeping it cleansed for a longer duration. The conditioner too has hydrating qualities that doesn’t leave the hair too moisture laden but is gentle on the strands. It is oil and silicone free that leaves the hair more supple and stronger reducing damage and breaking from sudden temperature shift.

Now lets consider the damaged and dry condition of hair and if your hair falls under this category the restoring shampoo from StriVectin’ Ultimate Hair Restore Shampoo is the solution. The product is gentle towards the already damaged and parched hair strands yet  cleanses them and soothes scalp thanks to its patented NIA-114™ and Kerapeptide Strengthening Complex™. The complex coats the strands and penetrates the cortex to protect the follicle from losing moisture and giving it tensile strength. Living Proof Restore Shampoo is one of our favourites again this one replenishes the lost moisture from the scalp. It is a gentle shampoo that leaves the hair cleansed yet hydrated. It coats the hair with a formulated molecule PolyfluoroEster that protects from damage, dryness and reduces hair porosity completely. The conditioner has a more protective, healing and hydrating effect on the hair shaft which only adds on to the shampoo. KIEHL’s Damage Repair and Rehydrating Shampoo repairs brittle hair as it cleanses. The Moringa Tree oil infusion with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides helps in restoring strength and vitality making it go from brittle delicate to strong tensile hair.



Styling is probably an important aspect for a well maintained look through the day and the hair serums you use need to add an extra cover of protection from heat and humidity during SPring Summer season. Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing Serum gives nourishment and protection from humidity and chemical damage or pollution. It is a lightweight formula that should be applied to wet or dry hair for results after regular use. The Alterna 10-in-One CC serum is a one stop shop for your styling needs. It works well with its hair mask and shampoo to give it a better result at the end of the day.

All the products in our list are paraben, sulfate and phthalates free.  For more details please visit and



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  1. Love your blog informative and interesting. Some of the products you’ve hared are new to me and I’m interested in trying them. I’m looking for products that can hydrate my hair this summer season. Thank you for sharing.


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