Summer Vacation Must Haves

Everyone loves a good rejuvenating summer vacation and being half way down the year it is invariably well deserved. Out of the bustling city life summer calls for some time to take a deep dive into a blue flag destination or just indulge in some much-desired spa therapy. Whether you jet set half way across the globe or to a domestic summer retreat there are a few essentials every travelista must have in her travel bag. These can save a bad day in the sun or nourish the beauty while on a vacay.

Bags & Pouches

To begin with you need a good summer tote and we have curated a list of trendiest summer totes for you in our previous post. A beauty bag or two can help organise your makeup essentials from your skin and haircare must haves in the tote. Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup pouch has room enough to hold the essentials of beauty regime.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag

Eyes Wide Shut 

Next stop is to take all the necessary protection measures starting with sunglasses. You can go anywhere in the world for a summer vacation and not afford to leave your sunglasses behind. The hottest sunglasses collection for the season lets your eyes go bold & bright with colours and quirky design. Speaking of eyes the best way to catch up on some quick all-in-one beauty regime is a good sleep on your flat bed seat miles above the ground. SLIP’s silk eye mask helps you get the most of your 40 winks as it has been crafted from the best grade of mulberry silk. You can’t begin your summer vacation with tired eyes and certainly any amount of weariness will add misery to your summer look. Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Glow Revival helps transform the under eye area to look glowing. It has benefits of an anti-aging eye cream that is focused on the delicate skin’s texture, dark circles, puffiness and dehydration. It is rich in Vitamin C to reduce dull and dark skin around the eyes, Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid which replenishes the skin with moisture. The unique attributes of its Multi-Capisolve 1124 targets skin’s capillaries to improve evenness and clarity. It should be used twice a day especially before heading off to sleep at night.  

Shisheido Eye Cream

Bath & Body

No self-respecting beauty can live without a great face cleanser and sun protection and if she can top it up with some added travel size hydration hacks that just does it. While choosing a face cleanser for the summer vacation you must bear in mind the intensity UVA & B can have irrespective of your location and a gentle yet exfoliating cleanser works wonders to maintain a healthy supple skin. Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Foaming Cleanser has the qualities of a cleanser and an anti- ageing treatment. The Alguronic Acid with the Microalgae helps it to take care of fine lines, dullness and texture. It is gentle on the skin and repairs with every use purifying the skin to reveal its inner glow and health. The best part, it has no GMO, triclosan, synthetic dyes, parabens, sulphates and phthalates ensuring your skin is truly nurtured.  Alternatively to pep up your day you could use the Clinique Pep – Start 2-in-1 if your particular concern is oily skin with clogged pores. It is a gentle cleanser with scrub from papaya extract that exfoliates to purify the skin of pollutants, dead skin, excess oil without stripping it off its glow and soft texture. It adds on to give a smoother skin with radiance. Instant hydration can call on your skin while soaking up the sun or being in the outdoors for too long. You can even keep a face mist or facial water in your beauty pouch just to spritz during travel. Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Facial Water is the answer as it is quite soothing with benefits of cucumber, chamomile and Pro-Vitamin B5. It adds that blossomed look on your face by adding moisture and removing uneven texture while cooling the skin with regular use. It has no parabens, sulphates, phthalates.

While the facial hydration is a must, the skin all over your body is highly exposed to the sun during a summer holiday and needs utmost attention. The body is sapped of  moisture without our knowing through harsh sunlight and UV radiation. Thé Noir 29  body lotion combines the richness of Vitamin E & A that are known for anti-aging properties in combination with the soothing, hydrating aloe vera, and moisturised glow from coconut and olive oil. The perfumed essence of bergamot, fig, black tea leaves and vetiver musk adds depth and sensual character to the lotion. You must always keep a travel hand cream in your pouch to keep your dainty fingers and palms looking healthy and refreshed with ample of moisture ready to adorn jewellery. Molton Brown’s Lily of the Valley Hand Cream has instant effects leaving the hands soft and looking every bit nourished over the summer.  A travel size bottle of summer scent is essential and comes to the rescue quite often than expected.

Sun Protection 

There is no denying that you will carry sun protection with you on a summer cruise, retreat or adventure. Irrespective of your travel plans and destination it is now imperative that a good sun protection lotion/ cream sits tight in your bag. SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Universal Defense SPF 50+ is perfect for a beach getaway. Sun is at its harshest when we head out to the beach and you need the top of the game SPF protection against free radicals, UV radiation for the best time while on a break. It is water resistant upto 40 minutes. Thanks to the Cashmere Touch Emulsion Technology this one has a non-greasy texture even though it is SPF 50 lending a dewy smooth feel.

Shisheido Sun screen SPF 50


Bikini Ready

Of course, you are going to flaunt that bikini in summer and the sexy swimwear that we have covered in our previous post would easily tempt you to get that bikini body for the holiday. But do keep a bronzer handy to add a little extra oomph to your already hot look. NARS Monoï Body Glow II from the SINK IN TAHITI BRONZE COLLECTION transports you immediately to an island somewhere in the Indian Ocean or the South Pacific. Monoï de Tahiti oil is lightweight, suitable for everyday use giving complete hydration to the skin adding a tropical fragrance and glow to the skin. NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer is a breakthrough bronzing fluid. Sheer and ultra-versatile, this weightless innovation contours, bronzes, and blends effortlessly.

NARS Tahiti Bronzer


Make Up 

Keeping it simple and stress-free in your makeup pouch while travelling is the key to the perfect no fuss camera-ready face. Now that you have all your facial moisturising essentials ready all you need is a veil of colour correcting finishing touches. Algenist Color Correcting Finishing Powder has algae derivative ingredients to even out skin tone. It enhances the foundation or natural skin in light. The AlgaeCorrecting complex is the key to a lumnious skin while blurring the appearance of pores and fine lines giving a visibly smoother looking skin. It is very handy and perfect for your jet setting lifestyle on a holiday when all you need to give your attention to is fun activities. Adding the right colour to your cheeks and accentuating those selfie angles is the need of every holiday photo album. Trust NARS Limited Edition Orgasm Blush to offer a sheer pink warmth to the skin tone with a golden shimmer. It comes in a compact size and is travel friendly. True to its name it does add that blush to your face lighting up your smile in every photograph. Though travel experience can be live streamed today with ease to render the in-that-moment feel. Your selfies get most attention with the destination in the background. And what is a selfie without that luscious pout? Never travel without a lip balm or gloss in your kit, you will thank us later when it saves a day for a formal or dressed up dinner. Laura Mercier Lip Glace has sheer, high-shine gloss that adds luster to the luscious lips. Whereas the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss’ hydrating plumper is quite instant in its action to volumise the lips with regular use. It also hydrates the lips to give it a naturally plump and refreshed look. Both the lip gloss are light-weight with high-shine. Final touches of Dior Eye liner and Massacara or Bobbi Brown Eyeliner to add depth and form to your eyes.


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