Romantic Island Getaways

Summer is inherently a seductive month with sweet scent infused in the crisp warm air. It is only obvious that movies, novels and folk tales always left us gushing at a sweet summer romance. These tales would even have our imagination adventure into a fantastical romance. Let’s be honest and unabashed, being marooned on an exotic island obviously with a chiseled person has crossed our vivid imaginings. And hence when google receives the term ‘romantic getaways’ every possible island resort on the planet floods the images section. It is hard to recognise one from another let alone choose from the plethora of island paradise on offer vying for our attention. The islands we have enlisted below are popular but are distinguished based on geography, culture, history that have shaped their existence today. If you haven’t had a vacation on an island, some of these could be a good start to a romantic island getaway and if you have been there and done that you may just discover a new island to romance on. So let’s set sail !



Amidst the Mediterranean floats a diverse little continent near the Tuscan coast of Italy – Corsica. The island is versatile in its destination offering though the panoramic views of the sea beckon for a romantic escapade. With its veritable old world charm, Bastia’s narrow streets and spectacular shoreline captivates you. From winding streets, old markets, blue sea and fortress from the 14th century this old capital of Corsica has all the right ingredients for the perfect destination. Romantic strolls and sun-kissed skin is an assured promise for those looking to rekindle the flame or celebrate a new union. Its rich past and coveted location in the Mediterranean adds to the evocative character of the town.  

How To Get There? Corsica has four international airports as well as welcome sea lines arriving on the island. Bastia has an airport that receives flights all over Europe and Great Britain both commercial and charter flights. It has ferry lines at major ports that receive ferries from Spain, France and Italy.

What To Do? Stroll the quays of the port and Market Place. Visit the Saint Jean Baptiste church and Sainte Croix chapel, the Oratoire de Saint Roch. Have the town’s poison ‘ Cap Corse Mattei’ at Maison Mattei after all the day’s travelling. Soak in the sun along the coast of Bastia and get ample of great captures of its beauty.

Where To Stay?  From holiday rentals on to the hotels and spa retreats on the island there is a home away from home for all couples.


greece corfu 2

Among the cluster of the Ionian islands on the western coastline of Greece, Corfu is a well known romantic getaway spot and a noted blue flag island at that. There are a total of 11 islands of varied sizes near Corfu and they make for an overall package of exploration. Corfu has had a glorious past steeped in rich heritage whose tapestry shows multiple cultural sources. The display of its historic passage through time in the form of refined architectural marvels narrate a tale of its austere stance to the Ottoman oppression owing to the Venetian, French and British rulers. Though it owes its character to history and culture its crystal clear sea and year-round weather is what sets off the pheromones among the spellbound couples. All you need to do is take one glance from its coast and Corfu is sold to you. 

How To Get There? Corfu has an International Airport – “Ioannis Kapodistrias” as well as Patras, Killinis, Igoumenitsas and Astakos ports that link to the Ionian Islands. You can arrive in your yacht or luxury fleet on these ports from Europe.

What To Do?  You maybe on a romantic getaway on the island but it will be Corfu you will fall head over heels for. It isn’t a popular romantic destination for nothing ! Leisure and laze around on the yacht while you can, this bliss isn’t replicable in the maddening city life. Deep dive into the clearest water of the Ionian sea and bathe in the blue flag purity with your beloved. Keep your eyes wide open as you take in the serenity and exquisite beauty of Corfu’s magical paradise. If UNESCO heritage sites are your thing, Corfu is a great destination to explore the best spots. Sunsets are not to be missed while sipping a glass of Greek wine and some of the best cuisine in the world. Great views, blue sea, flowing wine and divine food – who wouldn’t fall in love all over again? Undoubtedly Eros the son of Aphrodite would bless the land wherever he walked on the country inspiring many to sing rhapsodies of love. 

Where To Stay?  MarBella Corfu


La Digue Beach, Seychelles
La Digue Beach, Seychelles

Probably everyone has heard if not been to the East African island cluster – Seychelles. Being close to Asia and Africa has its advantages and Seychelles makes the most of its location. Most travellers flying down to this Indian Ocean paradise celebrate their honeymoon or wedding anniversary as it is a custom made destination for romance. The distinction from the other oceanic islands is that its variety of islands is quite vast and these islands are large enough and possess their own character to explore. If your idea of romance is an outdoor activity like scuba diving, island hopping this one is the perfect spot for you. The coral reef underneath and the exotic cuisine on the shore both make for a great adventure with your partner.

How To Get There? Mahe being the capital of the island has both international and domestic flights coming in and departing. It receives ferries yachts and marinas on its port as well.

What To Do? From deep sea diving to culinary discoveries once on shores of Mahe Seychelles it is best to explore all that you can. Take a ferry or sea plane ride to Silhouette Islands, the famous La Digue beach, Fregate Island and other world famous beaches on Mahe, Grand Anse on Praslin Island, Marianne Island. The sea transport is efficient to cover all the destinations and explore at leisure while indulging in the exclusive company of your beloved. Many islands facilitate helicopter rides offering the luxury of time to explore more while on the island.

Where To Stay? Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, Banyan Tree Seychelles, Maia Luxury Resort Seychelles ,

Andaman Islands

Havelock, Andaman Islands
Havelock, Andaman Islands

Miles away from the Indian shores are a bunch of islands between the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea – Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is the exotic untouched beauty you have been looking for but never discovered. Andaman’s Havelock Islands are more popular as it has the top beach in the world – Radhanagari, though not too many tourists would be flocking it as with the other islands. These islands have never been robust about their promotion hence you explore absolute haven on the islands.  White sands, coconut trees fringed shoreline, blue crystal clear sea and ample of good Indian food to enjoy does pack in all the ingredients for an island romance. Live out your fantasy of being marooned on an unexplored island though it is the most populated of all the Andaman Islands.

How To Get There? Havelock is accessible through ferries from Port Blair – the capital of Andaman Islands. You can take a direct flight from any major city in India though Chennai would be the shortest route or from Sri Lanka.

What To Do? Enjoying the tropical sun on white sandy beach of Radhanagari which was voted as one of the best beaches in Asia by Time Magazine with your significant other is the ideal must do on Havelock. While you are halfway across the globe in the tropics, you must explore the rainforest paradise or take a dive into the coral reef habitat.  

Where To Stay? Silver Sand Beach Resort

Vanuatu Islands

Port Vila – Image Courtesy Vanuatu Islands Tourism

This one is a natural utopia rich with a verdant landscape, cascading waterfalls sequestered in the South Pacific Ocean over a thousand miles East of Australia. Seems like a paradise perfect for the heart strings in tune with each other. Vanuatu Islands was discovered in the 17th century and was mistaken for being Australia when the first Spanish ship arrived at the shore of Espiritu Santo. It is a winged archipelago comprising many pictorial islets of tranquility. Efate Island being the main island of Vanuatu has the capital Port Vila and is the gateway to the South Pacific wonderland. The surrounding islands are a different world in their right. The largest island being at the top of the Y-shaped cluster – Espiritu Santo and the closest to Efate is Epi Island. There is plenty to discover, explore on land and under the ocean.

How To Get There? Efate has two international airports 10 minutes from the capital of Port Vila and regular return flights from Australia and New Zealand. It has a natural harbour to receive fleet of cruises, ferries and yachts. It also receives seaplanes to charter travel to and fro other islands.

What To Do ? Remember all those fantasies you have ever imagined you’d do on an isolated paradise, well here’s your chance and this is as close you will come to that secluded haven. There are cascading waterfalls and one such Mele Cascades are waiting for you to dip under their thunderous gush. The lush countryside makes for a lovely early evening romantic drive. Spectacular white sand beaches, lagoons and azure waters to dip into there is nothing you’d wish for at Efate and Epi Islands. Of the many experiences in the South Pacific, a deep sea dive to explore the remote live corals, coral reef and the tropical marine world is on top. This is a place that would inspire the ‘Blue Lagoon’ romance of the world and you should make the best of your stay here. Of the beaches, Eton Beach and Crystal Blue Lagoon beach are a must and it comes with a 45-minute distance from Port Vila as well as a charge on entry which your hotel should be glad to help you with. Hire a yacht or cruise for an outer island excursion sailing through the clear blue waters. The atmosphere, cuisine, and friendly locals will have you fall in love under the tropical sun. For more details on your charters and cruises please visit your hotel concierge or the tourism office before you arrive.

Where To Stay? Warwick Le Lagon  The Havannah Vanuatu Hideaway Island Resort






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