Night Out in Singapore

There is a lift in my step and I am humming the latest tune from Calvin Harris – ‘This Is What You Came For’ while I sit down to fine tune this post. Well going by the music I am currently listening to, it resonates perfectly with Singapore’s after dusk vibe. You may have heard about Singapore’s nightlife scene but when you travel across continents to this tiny island city, it’s the vibrant and electrifying that calls out to you – Baby this is what you came to Singapore for. For all those travelling to South East Asia, I am going to share a few spots you shouldn’t miss out depending on your idea of a great night out. I would ideally start my evening at one of the bespoke bars for my favourite concoction and then elevate the spirits and the experience to another venue. This post could also help you customise your own nightout hopping itinerary.

Bring Down The House

Image Courtesy : Zouk
Image Courtesy : Zouk

All the EDM & dance pop music fans who like to slay the evening with their moves on the dancefloor must head straight to the Zouk. The nightclub has been there and done that when it comes to setting the bar high on the nightlife scene. It was probably around when you were barely born or a tween. Recognised around the globe as the best watering hole with a great repertoire of DJs playing. If you are into hopping from dance club to bars to restaurants but don’t want to waste time travelling, 1 Altitude at 1 Raffles Place is the ultimate place to be and be seen. This is a three level all-in- one venue with a nightclub – Altimate along with a rooftop bar and award winning restaurant on separate levels. So you can start off at the bar and progress into the night at Altimate with your dancing groove on. Tantalising your wild side is Attica at Clarke Quay famous for its wilder than the jungle parties and clients flying down for a great night out. It has two levels for parties if one was not enough. Kyo is for the ultra chic and urbane cool with a great visually innervating experience, pulsating elemental music and the best cocktails. It is hidden under the financial district skyscraper in a basement like an actual party den meant for the secret few. So you need to watch out for the location as you enter another dimension altogether.

Perched On Top

ce la vi bar
Image Courtesy : Ce La Vi at Sky Park

In case you forget Singapore will remind you time and again about its spectacular skyline and panoramic views from the rooftop bars. If vertical limit is your thing then what better city to take in the view and sip on your poison than Singapore? As obvious as it seems, Marina Bay Sands Hotel does house most of the best rooftop bars thanks to its location and architecture. The towering icon of the city looks as though it was made for its eclectic rooftop lifestyle choices. Ce La Vi is one such ‘popular as the merlion’ rooftop bar perched on top on the bow of the Marina Bay Sands. Rooftop bars are my thing too and clearly you want to take in the view as much as you can but you need your choice of cocktail too. Ce La Vi has it all, but word from the wise its best to get your glam game on and set some glam goals here as the dress code are strict. Hop over to heady heights at Level 33 which is the world’s highest urban craft brewery…. Phew !! There is this gigantic copper kettle brewing away to glory right at the centre and its quite an eye catcher for the selfies. But you are here for the sweeping view remember ? Level 33 offers everything you hope and wish for from a rooftop bar and brewery. I come back to 1 Altitude as mentioned above which has everything on your wishlist for an awesome night out and you need to experience to believe it. All of the 360 degrees of unobstructed view is yours to enjoy with the best cocktail in your hand and Asia’s top city at your feet.

Concoction Passion 

Image Courtesy : Orgo
Image Courtesy : Orgo

Just arrived to Singapore and want to open the evening with the best cocktails in town then 28 Hong Kong Street is your go to spot. Ask any bartender or any local who knows the bar scene and 28 Hong Kong Street has to feature on their list. They didn’t win Asia’s Best Bar and Singapore’s Best Cocktails award for nothing. There are other local favourites like Jigger & Pony and Bitters & Love that have some essentially must-sip cocktails. Bitters & Love is a hidden watering hole that is known for bespoke and custom made cocktails. Though they have a simple menu you can stir the creativity of the bartender by suggesting your mood for the evening and voila, a cocktail created just for your taste buds! One of the hot favourites is The Spiffy Dapper again for the ease at which they can mix a great concoction down to the details to suit your mood and taste. You want a hidden secret among cocktail lovers head over to Operation Dagger as it is literally hidden. Good luck with signages and entrance to the bar, its an experience in itself. Do try the Hot & Cold cocktail here its one of the most requested cocktails. Great cocktail bar and a view then it’s definitely Orgo at Esplanade rooftop. If you love your martinis and know your drink like no other Orgo would be ideal for you. They take their cocktail science to the highest levels of precision and call the bar more of a lab where chemistry unfolds. 

Chic Eats 

Restaurant Andre

A night out in the food capital of Asia cannot be completed on an empty stomach. While dining out at Michelin restaurants shouldn’t be mixed with clubbing out but if you are one of the brazen adventurers of nightlife why not? Singapore is a proud home to some of Asia’s best restaurants and with repeat accolades year on year. Among the upper echelons of culinary world are these restaurants  – Restaurant Andre by Taiwanese-born chef Andre Chiang is a must visit for high-end French cuisine and 26-Michelin-starred Joël Robuchon with L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon and Joël Robuchon Restaurant.

Reservations are always a necessary evil owing to the buzzing nightlife of Singapore.

Author: Neha Wasnik

Neha Wasnik has been a blogger since 2009. She began her blogging journey with wellness and online marketing blogs while heading the PR and Marketing of luxury hotels. She has been sharing stories about travel and hospitality since 2015 with various travel websites while working with travel apps as a content marketing professional.

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