Best Luxury Travel Apps

Disruptive Travel. The two buzzwords since 2014 that have been thrown around among the jet-setting circles.The upper echelons of travellers show off the travel apps that adorn their smartphone than their destinations. What app you use is key to how savvy you can be when it comes to the fast pace of disruptive technology. In a world where tech of last year seems like last decade some of the travel apps in the luxury space know how to bring their game to the field everyday. I have sorted some of these apps in categories for you to spruce up your smartphone before you begin planning for the next trip business or leisure.

Private Jet

If you are accustomed to bypassing the commercial first class for a private jet then these apps are for you. Jet Smarter, Private Fly are designed for the CEO to Celebrity clans but if you weigh in more on time saved than money then these apps will get you hooked on to flying private in few flights.  These come with an annual membership but what you invest in the membership is nothing compared to what you would have paid per flight on business or first class. Jet Smarter offers free legs each month and if you happen to travel that free route you could hitch that ride for free with all the perks of bypassing TSA, parking your car next to the flight. Private Fly also offers you the luxury of customising your flight experience with your preferences as does Jet Smarter. The jet won’t leave without you of course you have to go through baggage security but it isn’t what commercial flight passengers have to experience. Private Fly has over 7000 accredited aircraft charters and you can book an aircraft at your nearest private charter airport with a tap of a finger. 

Trip Planner

Planning a trip does take a lot of effort and time adding upto the stress even before you have booked your trip. If only you could have a personal assistant app for all this, well there is thanks to TripIt. The app offers your personal assistant who manages and plans your itinerary and does all the organisation of the planning where you can find it with a tap. Send all your confirmation emails from the bookings app to TripIt and leave the rest to be arranged orderly the way an assistant would schedule you on days. The app is the best thing for organisation freaks and even poor reception won’t stop it from being seamless as it offers an option to check your itineray offline too. From the confirmation numbers to the map it’s got you covered.

Tour Guides

Gogobot is a personalised app for people with niche tastes in travel. If you are a foodie traveller they have a tribe dedicated to recommend custom guides for that destination which only address foodie spots. Similarly if you are into adventure and are on a look out for the best outdoor and adventure activities in Scotland there is a guide tending to your needs. You can ask questions on the app and have travellers or contributors on the app of your interest guide you on your journey sharing their experiences and tips in a threaded conversation.  You can even book hotels on the app as it has an integrated seamless hotel booking engine. 

Porters & Packers

All right so you have all your itinerary in place now its time to pack up and leave. Yes packing that dreadful experience for some people that elevates their stress levels while travelling. But fret not Packing Pro can help you pack your bags with a precise list of items you should take on a trip depending on where you are headed. They have a list of trips predesigned like camping, business etc and have a list of items essential to pack. Well lets just say you want to get more personal with your packing you could let the app know of your destination and time of the year down to very details like if you are going for a party or formal dinner and it will have all these items customise for you to pack it all in.

Having a personal valet or a porter can be such help when you are jet setting back to back from one destination to another. Dufl is a recent app that takes care of your packing, having clean set of clothes from one trip onto the next. Once you sign up Dufl sends you its empty branded suitcase that you need to fill with the travel clothes you like and they will clean it repack the bag with photographs taken of your clothes and gets it over to their office. When it’s time for you to head off somewhere just let the app know of your travel dates, hotel stays and select your clothing from the bag so they can pack it for you. Your luggage will reach the hotel before your arrival and once you’re back from the trip it will have someone pick up your bag so that the used clothes are clean, pressed and repacked properly ready for the next trip. You have literally nothing to worry about. The virtual closet at Dufl has a monthly charge of $10 while every trip you take will be charged at $100. If you wish to change the clothes from the closet that’s absolutely free of charge.


You can take a hotel car or you could have your taxi on the tap of your finger on the phone with Lux Uber. Uber makes it possible for you to have the most luxurious ride while on travel with the best sedans. We all know how convenient Uber is when it comes being in an unknown destination. If you are in a city where Uber is operational I’d said that is the way to hire a cab.

Yachts & Boats

If you are into boating perhaps while on a vacation to the French Riviera you may want to have an Uber for Boats. GetMyBoat is just what you had wished for when it shows you the available boats near your destination on the dates that you arrive and depart. You can get the most high-end state of the art boats and yachts for your cruising on a holiday. They have yacht charters if you wish to take the ride from one destination to another via the sea instead or get to your destination island from the airport.  

Holiday Rentals

Whoever said holiday rentals like Airbnb are for the cheap stays haven’t been tuned into the latest bedrooms and homes the app offers you to call home away from home. From legendary castles to celebrity homes to off the cliff rooms (literally) Airbnb takes your imagination to the most unthinkable place to stay while travelling. Airbnb Has a range of homes and mansions on their inventory if you are one of the bespoke experience types this one is right up your alley. The Big Domain is a similar holiday rentals app where you can get as large a canvas to paint your imagination as far as staying at a destination is concerned. They have around 460 properties on the list from Europe to Asia and according to your requirements or people on travel they can offer options available to book an entire home. The range of bespoke homes goes from manor in England, Castle in Scotland and a cliff top villa in Phuket.


 Imagine being on your bucket list destination and having your personal concierge with you on-th-go. For a members only app Quintessentially Lifestyle has an array of bespoke experiences among their recommendations carefully curated by travel experts. They can arrange for a one of a kind or hard to access experiences too with ease.

Author: Neha Wasnik

Neha Wasnik has been a blogger since 2009. She began her blogging journey with wellness and online marketing blogs while heading the PR and Marketing of luxury hotels. She has been sharing stories about travel and hospitality since 2015 with various travel websites while working with travel apps as a content marketing professional.

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