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Art is like human intuition. Perhaps not everyone would know how to sense it or express it through material and medium but we all have art and intuition integrated to the germ of our existence. Art has subliminally inspired our evolution, taught us how to imagine and dream vividly. It has affected our desire for aesthetics and need for imperfection. While many find the very realm of art intimidating it is quite the opposite in nature. I am neither an art expert nor collector but I am an art lover and my travel is influenced by art and design. Many of you like me visit museums and galleries while travelling to a new destination. Some of you (yours truly included) prefer staying at an artsy boutique hotel. There are plenty art hotels designed by artists and this blog has curated a list of them in all fashion capitals – New York, Paris, Milan, and London. But what if you could stay in an unusual space filled with art or recreated from a famous painting? Airbnb has torn up the hospitality map and redrawn a whole new landscape for us to explore. Let me take you through some of these artistic abodes across the globe inspiring your travel as a closet artist or an avid art lover.

Van Gogh’s Bedroom, Chicago

Image Courtesy : Airbnb
Image Courtesy : Airbnb

In April this year the Art Institute of Chicago recreated Vincent Van Gogh’s Bedroom quite literally to promote the art exhibition of the legendary artists. Though the room was available to book for an overnight stay for a limited time only, it did stir a storm in the hotel industry’s cup thanks to Airbnb. The room intended to make its guest feel they were living in a painting courtesy its post-impressionist style that is reminiscent of Southern France. The room was offered at as low as $10. 

  Bed & Art Gallery, Tokyo

Image Courtesy : Airbnb
Image Courtesy : Airbnb

If you really wondered what it would be like to stay in an art gallery, here is your chance. Tokyo is known for its vibrant culture and art scene but the Japanese aren’t culturally accustomed to collecting or purchasing art. The Bed & Art Project is an initiative to support obscure artists thriving and some even surviving in Tokyo by immersing global travellers in its art. The project partners with artists to create the unique experience of staying in a gallery style room. The room has half of the space dedicated to a gallery, and the other half as a living space. The interior and most of the furniture has been designed and hand-crafted by the project organizers.

All profits made from the accommodation and sale of the art in the gallery room go towards supporting local artists. This gallery is not open to the public and is meant only for your accommodation and time with art.  All art and goods in the room can be purchased. The gallery is located in a quiet residential neighbourhood of Mejiro home to the Jiyu Garden and Mejiro Japanese Garden. B&A Ikebukuro is 5 minutes away from the bustling urban centre of Ikebukuro which is one of Tokyo’s biggest commercial centres.

Art Gallery, Rome

Image Courtesy : Airbnb
Image Courtesy : Airbnb

If you crave to stay in a renaissance city for the love of art then Rome is your calling. Located in an historical building, once part of the complex of the Lateran Basilica and the Lateran University, this Art Gallery can host comfortably 10 adults and two children. The rooms of this two storied apartment are restored to its original design and structure with wooden floors and tall ceilings. Furnished with antique furniture, you can enjoy the art collection by modern painters. This apartment is exclusively for the guests accommodation available on Airbnb. The apartment is located five minutes on foot from the Colosseum. You can access metro lines and bus lines from the apartment.

Tucson Artsy Home


If you wish to live in an artist’s home but also don’t wish to fuss over them being a celebrity then this Tucson, Arizona house with a gallery is right up your alley. A huge bedroom with a private in-suite bathroom is available on Airbnb. The paintings in the living room and in the guest room are teh host’s creations and are for sale. The home is located in the historic Blenman-Elm neighborhood.

Caravan in Theatre-Atelier, Antwerp


Fancy staying in an Atelier? The Atelier is a creative-space for dance and theatre. When the place is not occupied with performing artists it opens up for Airbnb guests. You sleep inside the Caravan which is a part of The Atelier much like indoor camping. Since you are staying in a performance Atelier you might as well sign up for their Private Argentinean tango-class. Sportpaleis & Park Spoor Noord are at walking-distance. You can drive or bike it to Het Rivierenhof & Sterkxshof castle or to the music-hall TRIX.

Author: Neha Wasnik

Neha Wasnik has been a blogger since 2009. She began her blogging journey with wellness and online marketing blogs while heading the PR and Marketing of luxury hotels. She has been sharing stories about travel and hospitality since 2015 with various travel websites while working with travel apps as a content marketing professional.

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