Renew + Reinvent : We Are Now Luxury Meister

It has been a good three years since was formed by a few luxury lovers and industry insiders. Some guest blogs and regular contributors put together blog posts about things they personally love and experience. The Lux Insider was a way to write something you’d like to share with your loved ones or lists you make on your smartphone. It is a way to escape the world and enter a realm where everything is inspiring a better lifestyle. Be it the destinations to visit, hotels to stay, cocktail bars to sip the best libations or the fashion and beauty to explore yourself.

We spoke to award-winning chefs and bartenders, celebrity floral director, hoteliers, the best in their business to share their perspective on luxury lifestyle. While we were interviewing these noteworthy individuals something inspired us and we decided to put the focus more on the people than just the product. It took us a while and some more time to realize we should go ahead with this fresh start.

Nearly half a year of back and forth of should we or shouldn’t we. Would anyone care? Some restructuring, conceptualizing and well scrapping the whole idea altogether later…. here we are standing on the threshold of a new and hopefully better year as

In 2017 many ebb and flow have occurred, it wasn’t an easy year and there weren’t quite the same hands on deck but yet we are confident as we were three years ago. We will be telling stories but from as many meisters as we come across. Hoping all our readers and scribers will appreciate and inspire them along the way.

We will retain our old blog posts in a The Lux Insider section.

Welcome to our renewed blog. Read on!

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Author: Editorial

Travel and Luxury insider offering insightful perspective and experiences.

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