Spring Is Back Home

Cherry Blossom

Half a year of frosty sweater weather later, it is finally time for the imminent spring to arrive. Agreed that between then and now we’ve had two festive reasons to decorate our home with Halloween transitioning to Thanksgiving and then December festivities stretching into January thanks to our denial of letting go of the holiday season and braving the winter. For those of you living in the frigid regions of the world, understand the eager bordering anxious welcoming of the spring season that we go through. Apart from writing, researching content and social media marketing, I braved the snowstorms of January and February planning my spring decor and some outdoor furniture sets. From the hydrangeas decorating the driveway to the tulips and daffodils in the garden, the thought of spring’s arrival has already added a spring in my step. For many, decorating the home and garden begins pre-spring when the sun shines a bit longer and the snow shows little interest to fall every week that passes by. Planning for your spring decor can be made simple if the home is segregated into areas. Let me take you through some of the ideas you could take inspiration from your implement for your home decor this spring season.

A Welcoming Splendour

If your house has a sizable driveway or paved path leading up to the main door, you have the opportunity to dress up that curbside with alliums, hydrangeas, moss verbena, soapwort saponaria and apple blossom. You could also add in cala lilies and dahlias between these ground covering plants to lend diverse bloom. If you have porte-cochere tall flowers like gladiolus, veronica, peony, germanium who need partial 3 to 6 hours sun in the morning or you could choose smaller bushes shade-loving flowering plants outside the door in tall planters from  Pottery Barn, Terrain,  One Kings Lane , Bed Bath & Beyond. You could also dress any posts or pillars outside the door with perennial vines or tall and wide planters. The idea is to have maximum impact with a minimalistic approach.

The main door is a highlight of your home perhaps a statement in itself. Spring is all about the florals but also the animals that hop around the lawn and gardens. It is a time to celebrate rebirth and fertility when we begin to plant seeds for a good crop in fall. Incorporate this into the theme of your door wreath and make it worthwhile for your effort. Simple tulip or cherry blossom wreath could do the same too. I love peonies and they are the stars of my wreath this year. You can shop for silk flowers from home decor stores like Michaels or Terrain to decorate a bespoke wreath or garland or get a ready-to-hang wreath from Williams Sonoma, Pier 1 Imports, Pottery Barn.

Forget the 80s version of a closet next to the door where you tucked away your coats and stashed a drippy umbrella in a can. Setting the tone of your home’s dramatic entrance is the newly improved statement entryway with its glam modern or rustic chic chandelier, a console table with tufted ottoman, lamps, art pieces, mirror, and botanicals. Decorating your entryway for spring would include adding a splash of color to the wall with a personal gallery of the destinations you traveled last spring and summer or a painting or a dramatic installation you unearthed on your travels. Botanicals like fresh flowering plants or faux florals made of silk can add life and richness to the entrance corridor or hall of your home. Select a vase that will either be the accent of the space or add to the sophistication of the setting. Iron lanterns with scented candles with cherry blossom arrangement add a subtle touch of spring and warmth. You could accentuate the space with a roundtable if there is a square or circular room before your living area and door. The roundtable could have a statement vase with a tall stem flower arrangement or a sculpture that adds color, vigor, and life to the vacant awkward space. A great table could also hold some of your travel souvenirs or paperweight for the mail arrived. Add short and medium-sized planters with indoor plants to add a touch of lush to this space.

Living The Moments

This is the space where you spend most of your time at home, living the moments, creating memories, laughing and chatting away over a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or while stirring a good home cooked meal and baking desserts. This is the space where it all comes together to call it a home. Your living spaces like the sitting room, family room, kitchen, and dining should look pleasing and bright for you to spend more time with your family. A fireplace or a console table is the focal point of the space. Any seasonal decor gets a platform on such spaces in the house. Fireplace to me personally is a canvas I display the love, warmth, and care we offer to our home. I deck it up with my husband like it were the fireplaces birthday every season. This year I have tulips, tall cherry blossom stems, hydrangeas and some grass made of silk and fabric for my mantle decor. A garland of cherry blossom running across the mantle or a decorated wisteria bunches paired with grass garland adds to the drama of the fireplace. Shop for all the botanicals and florals at Crate and Barrel, Michaels and Pottery Barn. A medium-sized or tall vase with tall stems of flowers or short vase with tulip stems would brighten up the fireplace base. Add butterflies and birds and rabbits to the scene of the fireplace in shape of a garland hanging from the mantle of the stems in the vase. The centerpieces of the coffee table and dining table could have small or elaborate (depending on the size of the furniture) floral arrangements of silk hydrangeas, canterbury bells, peonies, roses, magnolias or tulips. Large to medium size planters could decorate the corners of the living room or kitchen and dining with indoor plants that are decorative in purpose or flowering. The kitchen window could use fresh herbs growing to brighten and enliven the space from its frosty past or you could add a small white flowering plant on the window sill to cheer up this space. Throw bright-hued or spring themed runner on the dining table and napkins while entertaining.  Decorative pillows on the couch that add life and color to the seating area is a given but do accent a subtle succulent planter on the end tables of the seating. If you have a bookshelf or console or cabinet behind the couch dividing two seating areas add a floral vase on it with some colorful art pieces as it offers a visual separation between two areas. Shop the look at TerrainWilliams Sonoma, Pier 1 Imports

Intimate Spaces

Your bedroom is the one place to rejuvenate, restore and recharge for the rest of the day. It is your most intimate space and needs a personal touch as far as decor is concerned. You could focus the decor on the dresser or chest and leave the rest understated with throw and pillows or you could add a planter to the bedroom depending on the space available. Cherry blossoms are quite subtle and luxurious in their appearance in a vase or an arrangement and would be ideal for a smaller room like the bedroom or the master suite. If your master suite has a show-stopping bathroom use the vanity or the bathtub area to create a spa-like environment with botanicals, florals, and home scent diffuser. Shop the looks at Williams Sonoma, Pier 1 Imports and One Kings Lane.

Window Display

Image Courtesy – Anthropologie

Windows could use flower boxes that give a European touch to your exterior and is visually pleasing if you have a seat by the window to catch up on the book you are reading. Keep the drapes softer and lighter in color as well as texture and material. Ideally sheer curtains running down to the floor offer a more flowing and airy feel to the room. Whites, beiges, work well with any color of the wall but its spring and if your furnishing will allow it use a hint of yellow and pink too. Be subtle and minimal to add to the effect. Let spring bloom at your home. For curtains shop at Anthropologie.




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