Recipes For A Royal Wedding Party

On the morning of May 19th as the horse carriages will be drawn through the streets of Windsor as the crowds of British people and some tourists cheer on waving the union jacks. In a true British display of pomp and pageantry the carriages would have the young Prince Harry and his family waving back at the crowds as they head over to St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and then the crowd (and world) awaits with baited breath the horse carriage that carries an incredible woman in her wedding gown beaming with joy and veiled nervousness.

Weddings at The Milestone HotelWhile all this is taking place in Windsor where will you be? Will you be across the pond dressed up fascinators intact on your hair, watching live on TV while royal correspondents share their expert comments on the reasoning behind the ceremony or will you be in London England better still near Kensington Palace sipping tea and some cake in the anticipation of the day? On either side of the Atlantic or the Pacific wherever you are if you are a fan of the bride or groom you’d like to join their celebration with some royal wedding inspired Elderflower , lemon cocktail or cake (time zone dependent). I asked the chefs at Rubens Hotel London and Milestone Hotel & Residences London to share their recipes of a cake and cocktail with Elderflower and lemon as ingredients. They were kind enough to share their recipe ( how many luxury hotels share their recipes with you to enjoy at home) and I thought well if you are in London might as well hop onto the tube or uber and join them at the hotel for these treats while watching the wedding.

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Rubens Hotel at The Palace, London

In the royal neighborhood of Buckingham Palace, The Rubens Hotel is located opposite the Royal Mews on Buckingham Street in London. The hotel boasts of luxury rooms suitable for its discerning guests visiting the capital of United Kingdom. Executive Chef Ben Kelliher who was born and bred in London channels his passion for culinary perfection and using fresh local and seasonal produce to the tables of Rubens Hotel and 41 Hotel.

Executive Chef Ben Keliher at Rubens Hotel and 41 Hotel London

Chef Kelliher’s team has shared a recipe of Lemon and Elder flower Pastry for you to try out and enjoy while throwing a royal wedding party at home.

Ingredients For Lemon and Poppy Seed Sponge

96g plain yoghurt
320g sugar
248g whole eggs
256g flour
12g baking powder
¼ tsp salt
24g lemon zest
4g lemon compound
8g poppy seeds
160g oil
Methodology For Lemon and Poppy Seed Sponge
Mix yoghurt, sugar and eggs together
Mix flour, baking powder, salt, lemon zest and compound, and poppy seeds together.
Mix the dry ingredients in to the yoghurt mix.
Add the oil and mix. Pipe onto a tray to create a thin sheet.
Bake at 175°c for 10-15 minutes.

Ingredients For Lemon Mousse
35.5g powder gelatin
300ml cold water
360g double cream
170g lemon curd
45ml stock syrup
4g lemon compound

Methodology For Lemon Mousse
Bloom the gelatin in the water and melt.
Semi whip the cream.
Whisk together the lemon curd, lemon compound  and stock syrup.
Add the melted gelatine.
Strain and cool to 21°c
Mix 1/3 of cream into the lemon curd mixture.
Fold in the rest of the cream, making sure it’s thoroughly incorporated..
Pipe on top of the baked sponge sheet, place in the fridge till completely set.

Ingredients For Elder flower Jelly
250ml elder flower cordial
500ml water
2 drops elder flower essence
7 gelatin leaves

Methodology For Elderflower Jelly
Boil the cordial, water and essence together
Bloom the gelatin and add to cordial mix to melt.
Allow to cool and pour over the set mousse.
When set cut into 3cmx7cm and place on gold cards.

Ingredients For Italian meringue
300g sugar
110g egg whites

Methodology For Italian meringue
Water to cover the sugar
Boil the sugar and water to 121°c
Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks.
Pour the sugar slowly onto the whites.
Continue whisking till cool.
Pipe on top of jelly and use the blow torch to color it.
Finish with a fresh flower on top.

The Milestone Hotel and Residences London

Located opposite the Kensington Palace and Gardens, The Milestone Hotel sits pretty overlooking the apartments of Prince Harry of Wales. Though he won’t be at Kensington on the day of his wedding you can always pay a visit later on your trip to London.


If you are hosting a girls party or just a party for your merry bunch on the day of the royal wedding, The Milestone Hotel and The Rubens Hotels have a choice of cocktails and mocktails for you. ‘The Megan Sparkle’ Cocktail is available at bbar but wouldn’t it be fun to try out at home?

The Meghan Sparkle Ingredients
15ml Homemade grapefruit, honeycomb and pomegranate syrup
15ml Lime
5ml Maraschino
10ml Ancho Reyes chili
35ml Morgan spiced
10ml Don Julio Reposado
and Egg-white
For centuries, lemon trees have been used in formal, decorative gardens of great mansion houses across England and it is this delicate citrus scent that we believe has embedded itself into the very air. The gardens of Kensington Palace, home to the Princes HRH William and Harry, which is located across the road from The Milestone Hotel, is dotted with citrus trees and the team at the hotel has created a mocktail to recognize it’s proximity to the palace called ‘Royal Garden’. This is an elegant, refreshing and light alcohol-free cocktail made with Rose tea, freshly-squeezed lemons, a touch of guava juice and elder flower cordial. 

With these inspirational recipes you can throw a royal wedding party in your backyard just as the queen does during the summer at Buckingham Palace. But if you are in London or Windsor for this event let these hotel bars and restaurants take care of your refreshments as you share your expert comments with your bunch while watching the ceremony.


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