Fashion Meister Julia Comil On First Chanel Acquisition

Legends are immortalised through their legacy of creation and reputation for being a path breaker. Coco Chanel changed the fashion industry in an era when elite fashion meant avian decorated hats, layered gowns and parasols. She single handedly brought sleeker silhouette, power jackets, leaner hats and statement bags. Her first perfume was anything but a floral rhapsody sung by fashion elite it was a scent truly of a strong willed women.

Many fashion bloggers today have reached levels of fame, adulation and respect however the memory of emotions running rife while buying their first ever Chanel product is still fresh. One such fashion meister and social media savant Julia Comil shares her thoughts and memory on her first Chanel and how Coco Chanel influenced her fashion life. On her 135 birth anniversary what better way than to celebrate the icon.

Julia was born and raised in France, with a strong curiosity to explore other cultures. She has lived in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. She has always been attracted to fashion, design, street-art and photography. Beyond the pure aesthetics of it, she has found in fashion a way to express herself and her creativity. In her own words she says, “I love experimenting with new styles. I love preppy, rock, boho, sport chic and glamorous looks. I dress accordingly to the occasion and to my current mood, always trying to be stylish but never overdressed (maybe it’s the French in me?). I am clearly addicted to black and white looks (definitely the French in me), fitted cuts, graphic prints (polka dots, stripes, etc.) and heels. But I also love to try new trends and get out of my comfort zone.”

Julia Comil

Julia’s style blog – House of Comil is her way to express her creativity and thoughts about fashion and style. The blog talks about what inspired her, from a new trendy coffee spot to a new outfit. She is always looking for new ideas, and matching & mixing different styles.

Here she is talking about her first Chanel boy bag and what it means to her.

Julia Comil with Chanel Boy Bag

As a French woman, I’ve always wanted a Chanel bag for what is represented to me: the French fashion heritage. When I first saw the Chanel boy bag, I knew I would have one sooner or later! After saving for over a year, I went to the store. The saleswoman suggested to try over other models to be sure. I was so excited. I remember that I hesitated a few seconds with the 2.55: the original Chanel shoulder bag but I finally got the boy as I was certain it was reflecting my style.

When I left the Chanel store, the saleswoman looked at me and said: “I will see you soon, you are a Chanel girl”. I think that since I have owned my first Chanel bag, I became more and more fan of the brand.

Chanel is known worldwide. Each time I am wearing my Chanel bag, it creates a conversation. The brand is so strong and is the ultimate luxury symbol.

Usually people love to tell me: “I love your bag!”, “I have this Chanel bag in grey”, “I love Chanel and France!”, “Isn’t Chanel the best?”, etc. So many women have a story or affinity with the brand of the double C.

Julia Comil of House of Comil

I also take a great care of this bag (this is actually the bag I am taking the greatest care of)! I hope to keep this bag as long as I can and being able to pass it from one generation to the next one like we do with jewels.

Gabrielle Chanel was a visionary. She transformed the luxury industry by adding an effortless chic aspect and comfort to her creations. She was not afraid to be different and not afraid to fail. She was a very influential woman at a time where women did not have the right to vote. For sure she was independent, a pioneer and an amazing entrepreneur.

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