Pretty Cities of Europe – A Photo Gallery


Musee du Louvre, Paris. Image Courtesy – Neha Wasnik
Tuileries Gardens, Paris. Image Courtesy – Vindscape
Eiffel Tower and River Seine. Image Courtesy – Vindscape
Les Deux Magots at Saint Germain des Pres ,Paris. Image Courtesy – Neha Wasnik
Cafe outside Saint Chapelle, Paris. Image Courtesy – Vindscape.
Saint Chapelle, Paris. Image Courtesy – Vindscape.
Place Vendome Architecture, Paris. Image Courtesy – Neha Wasnik

Strasbourg, France

Petite France in Strasbourg is the definition of a pretty city. Image Courtesy – Vindscape
Street leading to Notre Dame Cathedral, Strasbourg. Image Courtesy – Vindscape
City centre – Strasbourg, France. Image Courtesy – Vindscape
Image Courtesy – Vindscape
City center Strasbourg, france. Image Courtesy – Vindscape
Petite France, Strasbourg. Image Courtesy – Vindscape.


Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

Bernkastel Kues, Germany. Image Courtesy: Neha Wasnik
Bernkastel Kues, Germany. Image Courtesy : Vindscape

Boppard, Germany

The town of Boppard from the river cruise on the Rhine river. Image Courtesy: Vindscape


Salzburg, Austria

Getreidegasse – Street famous in Salzburg among travelers for its bespoke stores, store signages and souvenirs. Image Courtesy – Neha Wasnik
Dom Quartier, Salzburg. Image Courtesy : Neha Wasnik


Pegasus Fountain at Schloss Mirabell Garten. Image Courtesy: Vindscape
Mirabell Gardens. Image Courtesy: Neha Wasnik
Salzburg Cathedral. Image Courtesy: Vindscape


Vienna, Austria

Schloss Belvedere, Vienna. Image Courtesy : Vindscape
St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna. Image Courtesy – Neha Wasnik
Schloss Schonbrunn, Vienna. Image Courtesy – Neha Wasnik
Opera House, Vienna. Image Courtesy – Vindscape



Author: Neha Wasnik

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