Best beaches in the world

I am constantly in search of new, ‘away from the ordinary‘ travel destinations and the upcoming summer holiday has inspired me to compile a collection of the best beaches I have found so far. My ideal beach would have azure water, soft clean sand or a firm sand bed (if you are into yoga on the beach) fringed with lovely palm or coconut trees, access to a great beach resort and most certainly not crowded. After an endless search on Tripadvisor or Virtuoso’s Best list, the best one’s that work for me or my friends are the one’s that matter in the end. Avoid being too religious about the ranking according to the sites, follow your heart and instincts when it comes to travel destinations. I am sure many of you would have your favourites that are not listed here and then there are some of you who may have heard about these for the first time. So lets just skip to the part of the beach destinations. These are the beach I can take a summer holiday given an opportunity. Which of these is your preferred beach destination? I’d love to read your favourite beaches in the world, maybe I haven’t been there or heard of them.

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