China Through The Looking Glass at The MET

Once a cultural island, China has had its roots proliferate into our world whether deliberately or inadvertently. The Chinese culture was explored by the west right from the time Marco Polo arrived on its soil and then began the generous import of China’s succulent discoveries and innovations with the opening of the silk route. From the custom of tea drinking to the craftsmanship of its dainty crockery to serve tea, we have China peeping through every corner of our lifestyle. If we had to see through the looking glass at the imprint left behind by the various elements of Chinese culture on our side of the hemisphere, it would be an astonishing revelation. The art, craft and design have been seeping across the channels to shrink the divide of the East and west. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is the most distinguished Mecca of art and design that art travellers must invest days visiting. Every year it holds an exhibition that showcases renowned artists their work on the theme and it commemorates with the MET gala. This year fashion designers from across the globe created their interpretations of how they viewed the Chinese cultural imprint on the fashion industry. We have taken some pieces of the exhibit from the social media channel of The MET and would definitely recommend every art and fashion afficionado and those travelling to New York City to visit.   


Author: Editorial

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